lajauge (lajauge) wrote,

Kick The Can Crew - Greatest Hits (2001)

Date: 2001/10/17
Label:  バーガーイン Record
Runtime: 74 Min.

1. Down by Law (feat.CRAZY-A)
2. GOOD TIME! (ver.2001)
3. MCs+1DJ
4. Color Variation (feat.SANAE)
5. マイクロフォンのテーマ (feat.MEGUMI MASHIRO)
6. one for the what,two for the who (ver.2001)
7. one for the what,two for the who (part2)
8. ユートピア (ver.2001)
9. X-amount (ver.2001)
10. 今日カラ明日
11. 灼熱舞踏会
12. Why did I ? (remix)
13. エルニーニョ (ver.2001)
14. 今日から明日
15. タカオニ2000
16. タカオニ
17. カンケリ

For me, simply the best album of Kick The can Crew. If you want have just one album, it is this one.!Eg51XZiC!IKA_B_k-Agh3GGjk1bg5Pc34EDvGhxkkIfBSFbc1Vsw
Tags: kick the can crew, kreva, little
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