lajauge (lajauge) wrote,

I-DeA - self-expression (2004)

Date:  2004/8/20
Label :  P-vine records
Runtime:  61 min.


1. Whoa (feat.SEEDA)
2. 毒立毒歩 (feat.漢&DEV LARGE)
3. How I Feel (feat.SLANG for Ying Yang)
4. きょく (feat.L-VOKAL)
5. やまびこ44号~weekend story~ (feat.FLICK)
6. 8面 (feat.PRIMAL)
7. 暴風雨 (feat.降神)
8. Thirsty (feat.GOUKI)
9. Final Ans. (feat.PHYS)
10. 霧ノムコウ (feat.FUSION CORE)
11. Dayz~just like smoky~ (feat.SEEDA)
12. One Night (feat.SWANKY SWIPE)
13. One Woman (feat.RICE)
14. 真心眼form1.2 (feat.LUNCH TIME SPEAX)
15. ストーカー (feat.LYRICAL MANEUVER)
16. Ultimate Love Song(Letter) (feat.MONEV MILS&漢)

Tags: i-dea, v.a
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