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LASTRUM Corp. - 2 singles

Radical Freaks - 地球人? (1997)

Date:  1997/04/01
Label: Lastrum corporation - LAMCDE 001
Runtime: 21 min.

Radical Freaks are MCU, DJ TATSUTA & VOICE.

1. 地球人?
    lyrics by MCU & Voice
    music & programming by Dj tatsuta
    turntable by Dj shuhou

2. 被害妄想
    lyrics by MCU & Voice
    music & programming by Dj tatsuta

3. 地球人?(Instrumental)

4. 被害妄想 (Instrumental)

5. Freestyle ~地球人? (Live)!Y1xDxIwS!BHlb5nedhi2VWXfvEfnB2LVQr6Aqtyhyp47gBtR1EGc

By Phar The Dopest - 切り札のカード (1997)

Date: 1997/04/01
Label: Lastrum corporation - LAMCDE 002
Runtime: 22 min.

By Phar The Dopest are KREVA & CUE ZERO.

1. 切り札のカード
2. 伝導師
3. 切り札のカード (Instrumental)
4. 伝導師 (Instrumental)
5. 伝導師 (Live)
6. 切り札のカード (Live)

Album credits:  produced & lyrics by phar the dopest
                         music & programming by Kreva
                         Adittional programming & mixed by Rock Tee!1owGEYiR!Rvt41Rkpnhh8RLfGcClxuS76AjmcIjFvAOLE6k0mxAo
Tags: by phar the dopest, kreva, lastrum corp, radical freaks
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