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Yamataka Eye (山塚アイ), real name Tetsurō Yamatsuka (山塚徹郎) is a Japanese vocalist and visual artist, best known as a member of Boredoms (rock). He has changed his name three times, from Yamatsuka Eye, to Yamantaka Eye, to Yamataka Eye, and sometimes calls himself eYe or EYヨ. He also DJs under the name DJ 光光光 or "DJ pica pica pica".

Nobukazu Takemura (竹村延和) is a Japanese musician whose style has run from jazz to house to drum and bass to chamber music to electronic glitch within less than a decade. At high school, after a record store job that exposed him to Jazz and Hip hop, he had regular gigs as a battle DJ.

AKI ONDA, japanese DJ and producer. Even if the group was founded in 1990 (with an EP called 3-6-9) by this 3 guys, he subsequently took control of the project in 1992 with their first album "Era of A Glittering Gas", who finally became a CLASSIC Album.

Era of Glittering Gas - 1992

Label:  All Access
Runtime: 37 min.

1 -  Mental Jam
2 -  Eat & Buy & Eat ( Feat MC TWIGY)
3 -  Violent Evolution
4 -  Return To 1 More [Instrumental]
5 -  Voo Voo
6 -  Outlaw In Wonderland
7 -  AirBone
8 -  We've Got You

Tracks on this upload are in .m4a format. Track n°2, Eat & Buy & Eat  featuring TWIGY, the oldest song i know from him.
Produced by AKI ONDA.!VlYQBDQI!aT_OVbcZ3V0nA8BREz9b6w92NIm9XV0Ud7UIv_n7pX8

Strange Fruits - 1994

Label: All Access
Runtime: 40 min.

1 - So, That Was The Beginning
2 - Ooh, I Feel Horny
3 - Life In A Vacuum
4 - Banana (Don't Slip)
5 - I Met You On The Street
6 - Yellow Fever
7 - Melt With You
8 - Center Of The World

Tracks on this upload are in .mp3 format. I don''t know the name of the rapper who sing in English. This one is more jazzy sound than "era of a glittering gas"
Produced by AKI ONDA.!F450BKbC!3ykJIZVkt7zQHrnN8tBIU1IEMaywDMrX0EBRxBsC2-A
Tags: audio sports, classic
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