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Q-ILL - 東京 AVANT-GARDE (2005)

Date:  25/04/27
Label:  Geneon Entertainment
Runtime:  56 min.

Second work from the rap artist Q-ILL out in 2005.
His first work is the album " out of cosmos in the brain" who was out in 2002. (if you have it, please share)
he has worked with NORIKIYO, TAKATSUKI & 山仁DA SPORTSMAN.

Another big album. Considered like the best album of Q-ILL.
If you don't know him, just download it and you will see. Lot of his sounds are dope.

it's hip-hop jazz.

1. Sound of Joy
2. tokion jazz
3. 路上 (Feat.FUNKYMIC)
4. RHYME WIRE (Feat.タカツキ&hisomi-TNP)
5. Inverse (Feat.TETS)
6. Tokyo Avantgarde (Feat.SD JUNKSTA)
7. Gold Moon (Feat.タカツキ)
8. カーバイト倉庫
9. NOAH (Feat.Spinna B-ILL)
10. 3rd Eye (Mika Arisaka)
11. ビリジアン
12. LAW
13. 2005!AloBXSZI!P4wH-PqDd-FoZjPZY2iKxis_-lllU4h3LZOsbprB1sw

Tags: q-ill
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