lajauge (lajauge) wrote,

EAST END X YURI - denim-ed Soul 2 (1995) [.flac lossless]

Date: 1995/06/21
Label: Epic records japan
Runtime: 58 min.


1 -  いい感じ やな感じ
2  - Maicca -まいっか-
3  - So Lonely
4  - Groovin' (Remix)
5  - Newcomer
6  - Denim-ed Soul
7  - Greedy G
8  - Greedy B
9  - Throw Ya Hands
10  - When We Fall In Love
11  - 何それ
12  - Da.Yo.Ne (Album Version)
13  - So Lonely (Instrumental)

I Think many of you already have this album but this upload contains tracks in .flac format (Free Lossless Audio Codec)
.flac format is a lossless format for music files. That 's why the upload is so heavy (355 Mb).
You can play them with VLC media player and have a CD quality.!I0YWHAjZ!tLZuFc389CpZtY7ieLTGBdL2waEqCC2eopF_5CO8AkE
Tags: east end, flac, yuri
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