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キングギドラ (King Giddra) - 空からの力 (1995) [.flac lossless]

Date: 1995/12/10
Label: P- Vine records
Runtime: 50 min.

1. 未確認飛行物体接近中(急接近 MIX)
2. 登場
3. 見わまそう
4. 大掃除
5. コードナンバー0117
6. フリースタイル・ダンジョン
7. 空からの力- INTERLUDE
8. 空からの力 PART 2
9. 星の死阻止
10. 地下鉄
11. スタア誕生
12. 行方不明
13. 真実の弾丸
14. コネクション - OUTRO

Recently, i understood how to RIP CD in .flac lossless format. So i decided to RIP some classic album lossless. Those uploads will writing with [.flac lossless] in the title of the post.
I begin by the first album of king Giddra, a group which is not worth to introduce i think.
So Redownload it to rediscover it with the highest quality you can find. I assure you that difference is obvious compare to mp3.
But because i have not lot of time and ripping is tiring, i can't do it for all CD i have and already posted on my blog.!Y0gyDS4Y!hq39Fn1vZmOpUs-S90J3f6ZZneN9zwUHPDc1IjS2LiM
Tags: classic, dj oasis, flac, k dub shine, king giddra, zeebra
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