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Shunami Productions presents... Alliance (Shunami Domei) Osaka to Oakland (2002)

01. Prelude feat. Shu, Dj Toku
02. Homerun derby feat. Jon?doe
03. Brand new session feat. Noah, Micro, Dj Spair
04. Cold blood feat. Suffer, Shu
05. Kio tsukena feat. Shu, Froggy, Micro, Mr Tee
06. That's clean feat. Nebulus, Dj Shin
07. Only the strong survive (inst) feat. Bicasso
08. Black gold feat. Bicasso, Morna
09. Rulubu oaktown feat. Aguris (WSD), Higurashi, Dj Takuma
10. Kininarumi feat. Arata, Froggy
11. Decision (interlude)
12. Up in shumoke feat. Micro, Spear of the nation
13. Alliance feat. Micro, Nebulus, Noah, Doreone, Shu, Dj Top bill
14. Challenging Feat. Shu, Jon?doe

All Songs produced, mixed and recorded by shunami at Shunami studio (Oakland, California) for Shunami Productions.
Mastered by Kahlil Smith.

Shunami is a member and producer of Large Prophits crew.

The Meeting between the rapper / producer of the group Large Prophits (shunami) with
members of the living legends crew (Bicasso & Arata). They are friends.
that is why this album is under-titled Osaka to Oakland

Recorded in California, this album is in English, Japanese and even a song in french.
Jon?doe & Dj top bill also appears.

Real alliance out in 2002.

Tags: shunami, v.a
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