lajauge (lajauge) wrote,

Q-ILL - Out Of Cosmos In The Brain (2002)

Date:  2002/11/30
Label:  Chill Side / id Records
Runtime: 70 min.

I finally find the first album of Q-ILL this summer.
This album is more funky than his second album "tokyo avant-garde", but he stay hip-hop.
I really like this album.

01.  Wonderful Voyage
02.  東京Blues
03.  Interlude1
04.  Birth Vision
05.  Spanish Key -feat.神社,WISE-
06.  Interlude2
07.  Clap,Clap
08.  Outside Of Cosmos
09.  Kut&Scratch
10.  In 7-8 Time
11.  High Moon (天体観測 MIX)
12.  カイソウタクシー
13.  Cocktail Recipe#3 -feat.Spinna B-ill-
14.  Mellewtime Blues
15.  Interlude3
16.  Little Bit
17.  2002
18. Hi Life (microcosm MIX)
19. The WOMB
20.  Interlude4
21.  Havana pt.3 -feat.大和-!ExpBgIQR!ENuxHYi5LFE2eJPiYvFwnhr0cJLE2z7RqYH-TLZigtg

Tags: q-ill
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