lajauge (lajauge) wrote,

Cloud NI9E - Alternative (2014)

Date:  2014/11/19
Label:  Musou Productions

1  Recollection
2 Everlasting feat. Orukusaki
3 Bird's Eye View
4 Peaceful Warrior feat. Kensho Kuma & Justin Murta
5 Stages feat. Cise Starr (from CYNE)
6 Kazamidori
7 Suicidal Psychology feat. Chiba Chemist
8 Stand Alone (Musou remix) feat. Audace
9 Botanique feat. Pumpkin
10 Talking all days feat. David Whitaker
11 One Day
12 Life Work feat. Kensho Kuma
13 Tokyo kid ~Split style~ feat. Kemui
14 My heart is a melody
15 Home
Tags: cloud ni9e, kensho kuma
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