lajauge (lajauge) wrote,

Jinmenusagi - LXVE - 業放草 (2014)

Date:  2014/11/19
Label:  LOW HIGH WHO? Production

01. 俺俺俺 Produced by Itto
02. They Know I'm Animal feat. Moment Produced by Pr0st8
03. Tokyo Produced by Ghost Cheek, Pigeondust
04. Go Kill 'em All Produced by Voldmars
05. H.I.M.A. Produced by Odetatsu
06. ミスター情緒不安定 Produced by Odetatsu
07. のかな Produced by Yontz
08. やれ Produced by Nekoze
09. Enough is enough feat. Hasisi, Pussy Produced by Yontz
10. バイバイ Produced by Pigeondust
11. おいで feat. Paranel Produced by Asamiya
12. 死んでくれよ feat. Twoface Produced by Yontz
13. La Fleur feat. Bonjour Suzuki Produced by Bonjour Suzuki
Tags: itto, jinmenusagi
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