lajauge (lajauge) wrote,

K-Bomb - 555 the triple five (2000) Cassette Tape

Date: 2000/ ??
Label: BLACK SMOKER Records
Format: Cassette Tape

B Side
K Side

1. What's New in the Beats?
2. begining
3. Pass Da Popcorn [feat.Deli]
4. Think Talk Pt.1
5. 555 [feat.C5,L5]
6. Little Beat-1
7. Twin Town [feat.Hikitch]
8. 2000 TO 3000 YEN
9. Return Of The Level5
10. Gueerness
11. Pass Da Popcorn (Yamaha RMX)
12. Think Talk Pt.2
13. Smokers Delight [feat.Baba]
14. T-2 [feat.Chu]
Tags: baba, black smoker, deli, k-bomb, think tank
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